The Green Line in Cyprus

The Salients and the ESBA

Map 5......From the south-eastern suburbs of Nicosia to the ESBA (Eastern Sovereign Base Area)

From L to R......The south-eastern suburbs of Nicosia, the Turkish village of Louroujina, Pyla (the island's only remaining mixed village) and the ESBA at Dhekelia.

The images in this section begin at the "pinch point" in the Buffer Zone east of Geri.

Looking NNW towards the Kyrenia mountains and the Turkish Cypriot flag. The twin "pyramid" hills (slightly lower) were seen in an earlier photograph viewed from the other side and bearing a smaller version of the flag
The deep anti-tank trench lines can be seen crossing the centre of the photograph

Looking SE towards the Louroujina plateau, a UN vehicle can see seen patrolling the Buffer Zone

The ridge overlooking the Buffer Zone is a maze of trench systems, OPs and bunkers

A video overlooking the Buffer Zone taken from the defensive lines on the ridge