The Baedeker Raid on York

The ORB of RAF Station Clifton

Personnel on the Station and billeted in neighbouring homes conducted themselves very well and played a considerable part in the rescue work. No warning of the raid was received. Three airmen have been recommended for the award of the George Medal. 1499523 AC1 Atkinson, 1179520 LAC Corrigan and 1034754 AC1 Starkey - for conspicuous courage and devotion to duty. F/L J G Fie, Medical Officer and F/Sgt S E Holdaway NCO i/c transport have been recommended for citation in Command Routine Orders for excellent work. Seven bombs landed on the aerodrome, five medium and two very large, forming craters 100ft wide and one, 50ft deep. A.M.(Air Ministry) district staff worked extremely well and the medium sized craters were filled in by the evening of the 30/4/42. Progress had continued in the wiring of Defended Locations. Battle H.Q. and one Command Post are habitable although not completed. Two quadruple Vickers mounting have been installed. Weather has been cold and exceptionally sunny since 12/4. Work on new dispersal area is making slow progress.

Extensive searches of the London Gazette show that LAC Carrigan and AC1 Starkey were commended for brave conduct in January 1943. No other names mentioned in the above report were included.