Germany - The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Inner German Border

I lived in Germany for most of my working life and was familiar with the walls, wire and watchtowers that once existed between East & West Germany and surrounded the British, American and French sectors of West Berlin.

I was fortunate to visit both these borders before and after the events of 1989 and saw the dramatic changes that took place.

There are many excellent books and websites on the subject but they tend to have a particular focus. I wanted to tell the complete story, from the final days of WW2 up to the present time, in an easily digestible format. I hope I have given enough detail in each section for the reader to develop an understanding of the whole story.

A variety of initials are used:
FRG = Federal Republic of Germany (English for- West Germany)
BRD = Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German for - West Germany)
GDR = German Democratic Republic (English for - East Germany)
DDR = Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German for - East Germany)
IGB = Inner German Border (the approximately 800km border between East-West Germany)

I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible but should you spot any errors or obvious omissions, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

I hope you find the site interesting.