Germany - The Walls Came Tumbling Down

How the Allies Travelled to Berlin by Road

A trip to Berlin was something that required a significant amount of advance planning.

A map of the first part of the journey along the corridor to West Berlin.

The journey began with a document check at the RMP Duty Room at Helmstedt.

The RMP Duty Room at Helmstedt with the amazingly cheap Naafi restaurant

The BTD........The Berlin Travel Document

Once your paperwork was very carefully checked (and having enjoyed the Naafi restaurant) you drove the short distance to Checkpoint Alpha.

Checkoint Alpha was close to the actual crossing point. The MIlitary Police noted your departure time and took a mileage reading from your speedometer.

If it was your first use of the corridor, you were shown this film.

The film....which usually scared the 'living daylights' out of the first time traveller!

The view leaving Checkpoint Alpha.....the sign for the Military lane can be seen on the gantry.

Ziesar was the halfway point........after that, any assistance you required would come from Berlin.
There were then three important junctions to navigate.

Travellers along the corridor could buy a souvenir sticker showing the three very important motorway turns (click this link or the image for a larger version)

The final stretch took you to Checkpoint Bravo. Here your travel time was calculated (too fast or too slow would be questioned) and your mileage reading was taken again (any variation from the standard would be questioned).

Once you had cleared Checkpoint Bravo you were free to drive anywhere in West Berlin.