Germany - The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Images of Berlin

The Berlin selection covers several visits......before the fall and after.
Additionally, I was very fortunate to live and work in Berlin between 1993-1994.

In the pre-1989 days, Allied Forces had special access to areas near the border.......note the old style military number plate on my car.

Behind the Reichstag in August 1985

The part of the wall close to the River Spree. Following earlier shootings, anybody wishing to rescue someone falling into the western side of the river had to break the glass on an emergency alarm to obtain permission from the East German watchtower.

After the Wall fell in November 1989, they continued to change the guard at the East German memorial to the Unknown Soldier.

As I was taking photographs I became aware of laughter. Unknown to me, my small daughter was tugging at the voluminous trousers of the guard.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the perfect picture which I would have entitled, "The changing face of East Germany".
There was a wonderful smile on the guard's face and other East German soldiers were amused by her actions.

During a later visit I noticed the plinth where the soldier stood was broken. Looking into the space beneath I could see a large radiator.......obviously there to bathe the guard in some warm air on very cold days.

The ability to see both sides of the wall at the same time.

Shortly after the fall of the Wall and still technically East Germany. Groups explore the watchtower at Bernauer Strasse.

Several years later and the Wall at Bernauer Strasse has been cleared.

On the eastern side we saw these barriers that were set up several meters away from the Wall.
Crossing the barrier would be considered a hostile act.....even to collect a football.

The old RMP Checkpoint Alpha and the Berlin access corridor is closed and abandoned.

This is the side of the Soviet checkpoint with the slot used to slide your documents under for checking.

This is the Soviet side of the checkpoint counter.

The customs sheds for West German travellers are deserted.

In 1994 I was able to watch the final Soviet parade at Karlshorst.

Another picture of the parade, held on a very hot day.

The weather for the final Allied Parade was much colder and wetter......but still a colourful event.