Germany - The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Further Reading

You can't go wrong but to buy this little book. An excellent summary and very good value.

This is the link to the Amazon website (opens in a new window)

The Berlin Airlift (26th June 1948–30th September 1949)

LInk 1: US Defence Department (opens in a new window)

Link 2: The Berlin airlift in newspaper articles (opens in a new window)



An amazing website displays thousands of border photographs from hundreds of different locations.

You can also buy a wide selection of books, calendars and 'hi-res' individual images. (opens in a new window)

The story of a German village affected by WW2 and post war events.

The village of Mö the image or this link to see the history of this fascinating village (opens in a new window)

A US Army document detailing the development of the Inner German Border.

The development of the border can be viewed or downloaded by clicking this link (action depends on your browser settings).


A useful description of how the Inner German Border was developed.

Click the image or this link (website opens in a new window)


An excellent website (in English) that tells the story of the DDR's 'Blue Border'.........the Baltic coastline.

Click the image or this link to view (website opens in a new window)


Escaping to the West........

Wikipedia article - Escape attempts and victims of the inner German border (opens in a new window)

Listverse article - Top 10 Remarkable Escapes Across The Berlin Wall (opens in a new window)