The Canal Raids

Gardening August 1944

In August 1944, ten Mosquitoes from 571 Squadron dropped mines into the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

The raid was planned and led by W/C J M Birkin DFC AFC.

The exact location is not clear as the records simply state, "two miles down" (or similar).

The aircraft and attack details can be viewed below.

A report from an Australian is likely that a number of the Mosquito crews were Australians.
The reference to the flak defences is somewhat exaggerated as most of the crews report, "nil flak' over the target.

The pilot of Mosquito MM118 was F/L Ivor Broom who teamed up with a navigator, Flight Lieutenant Tommy relation. They were known as "The Flying Brooms" and had a pair of crossed broomsticks painted on the nose of their aircraft.

F/L Ivor Broom and F/L Tommy Broom in front of a Mosquito (but without the nose art)