Yorkshire's East Coast

Exploring East Yorkshire's Coastline

This website is intended for those with a curiosity concerning coastal erosion and an interest in military history.
The inspiration came from a day out to see friends in the coastal resort of Withernsea. We spent the day on the coast and I was quite taken with roads that led nowhere, villages that no longer existed and the amount of military memorabilia we came across.

There are few better places to observe the effects of wave action against a geologically fragile coastline.
This same coastline saw action in WW1 when areas along its length were attacked by sea and by air. In WW2 it was considered a possible landing ground for a German invasion, it was crossed by many bombers (both RAF & Luftwaffe) on their way to and from Germany and was the location of training areas, bombing ranges and sites belonging to Britain's air defence and cold-war weapon systems.

This website is therefore a mixture of interesting locations - both military and geological.
The geology of the area is explained and each of the featured places of interest is described and pinpointed with a map.
Links from within several location pages take you to dedicated websites for those wanting further reading.
A separate Links page displays other quite excellent resources including the all important tide timetables.