The Green Line in Cyprus

The Mixed Village

Map 6......From east of Geri to the ESBA (Eastern Sovereign Base Area)

From L to R......The Turkish village of Louroujina, the Greek towns of Athienou and Troulli (both of which are in the Buffer Zone).
Pyla (the island's only remaining mixed village) and the ESBA at Dhekelia.

The Buffer Zone comes to an end when both the northern and southern boundaries reach the Dhekelia in the Eastern Sovereign Base Area.
Turkish forces occupy the land right up to the northern limits of the ESBA and the Republic of Cyprus controls the territory to the south.
Nestled in a salient of the Buffer Zone and the ESBA is Pyla, the island's only mixed Turkish and Greek Cypriot village.

The southern edge of the Buffer Zone reaches the ESBA in the fields below the British Oberservation Point (circled)
The boundary of the ESBA crosses the fields at the base of the ridge
The motorway runs through the Buffer Zone and enters the ESBA at the LHS of the picture

The video shows the western edge of Dhekelia Garrison (in the ESBA) with the motorway running through the Buffer Zone
The end of the video looks towards Pyla village

The mixed village of Pyla with both the church and mosque marked......all the land in the background is in the Buffer Zone
Behind the ridge in the centre of the photograph is the village of Troulli


Pyla village viewed from the area where the northern boundary of the Buffer Zone meets the ESBA......a Turkish OP watches over the village

Looking directly into Pyla village......the ridge line overlooking the village is the northern edge of the Buffer Zone