The Green Line in Cyprus

To the Sea Again

Map 7.....Through the ESBA to Famagusta

From L to R......The suburbs of Larnaca, the mixed village of Pyla, the abandoned Greek Cypriot village of Achna, the two connected areas of the ESBA, Turkish Famagusta and the abandoned town of Varosha.

The final leg of the Buffer Zone begins on the south eastern edge of the ESBA near Agios Nikolaos. In most places the Zone is approximately 600m wide as it heads through very flat broken ground towards the coast.

This unremarkable area is where the Buffer Zone restarts from the south eastern edge of the ESBA.......a Turkish OP is just off the picture to the RHS

The only high point in the area is a pile of rubble, however, this gives enough height to see across the Buffer Zone towards a Turkish OP

The Cultural Centre in Deryneia.......the roof offers open views of the Buffer Zone and the abandoned town of Varosha (tourist Famagusta)
The Centre is built just inside the Buffer Zone

The buildings in the foreground are Kato Deryneia, abandoned inside the Buffer Zone, on the coast are the high rise hotels and apartments of Varosha

A view looking slightly further north, Kato Deryneia in the foreground with Varosha to the right on the coast
Circled is the Saint Nicholas Cathedral which was converted to Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque in 1571 and is within the old walled city

UN patrol vehicles monitoring the Buffer Zone near Deryneia 

Video taken from outside the car park at the Cultural Centre........views over the Buffer Zone with Famagusta in the distance and a trench system in the foreground

The Buffer Zone heading towards the sea with the outskirts of Famagusta on the LHS
This image is taken from the roof of a "commerical" view point

The last UN post monitoring the Buffer Zone......UN 146
It is over 180km to UN 01 at Paccyammos

UN 146 is no longer permanently manned, the OP tower has been removed and the warning signs have faded in the sun

The Turkish OP to the south of abandoned Famagusta (in the background) is located just across the shallow valley

Looking towards the Turkish side of the Buffer Zone with Varosha in the background