The Green Line in Cyprus

The Northern Enclave

Map 1......The Kokkina enclave

From L to R: The rebuilt Pachyammos Village, Kokkina and the abandoned Turkish village of Mansoura

This enclave has existed since the 1960s and is now part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Information regarding this troubled area can be found by searching for "The Battle of Tillyria".

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The coastal road through the enclave is blocked by a Greek Cypriot position at the edge of Pachyammos

Looking into the Kokkina enclave from UN OP1 with a marked Turkish checkpoint and, in the far distance, another UN position

The accommodation for UN OP1 as it appeared in 1968 and now, in 2017
There had obviously been extensions and improvements made during the intervening years

To enable travel further along the coast, the road climbs high into the hills making a lengthy detour
All tracks off this road are marked with warning signs

At the apex of the detour you can look down into the enclave and see the UN patrol road and a number of observation points
Many of these are no longer permanently manned but the twin Nissen hut accommodation of one position can be seen

A significant amount of monitoring is done using high powered telescopes
This earlier photograph (the UN troops in this location are now Argentinian) shows a Danish soldier at (possibly) UN OP3
This position is on the opposite side of the detour and was marked on the second photograph

Heading downhill back to the coast, the road passes close to a Turkish Observation Point

This is towards the end of the detour and shows where the inacessible coast road emerges from the enclave
Various positions are indicated

The video shows the coastal road emerging from the enclave with the abandoned village of Mansoura just visible at the end (above the white road)

On the coastal approaches to the enclave (both from the east and west) there are a large number of bunkers (from different time periods)