The Green Line in Cyprus

Update Log

The purpose of this page is to inform returning readers of new content and modifications.

1st September 2022
Images of the newly opened areaa of Varosha have been added

12th June 2018
New information about the displacement of Turkish Cypriot villages has meant a reorganisation of the Dec1963-March64 menu with an added section on population movement.

20th May 2018
The author attempted to view the Buffer Zone from the north side with interesting results.

7th November 2017
Further details have been added to the 1963-64 period thanks to information given directly by Major Perrett-Young (Intelligence Officer), Captain Meynell (ADC to General Young) and Richard Sale (son of Colonel John Sale, Defence Advisor).

8th September 2017
All the selected images from the Blue Beret magazine has now been added.
Two new pages concerning the events of August 1996 have been added.

1st September 2017
Following additional information gained through various books and UN documents, the 'Dec 63-Mar 64' section and the 'UN Takes Over' have been split into several sub-sections.
Photographs of the 'UN at Work' are being added with only the more recent years still to do.

4th June 2017
The author has completed a journey along the length of the Buffer Zone and pictures & video are now included in the "Across the Island" section.

12th April 2017
Following discussions with several members of the Greek Cypriot National Guard, a few extra details have been added to 'The Events of 1974'........specifically related to the weakened state of the National Guard and the problems of mobilisation.

21st December 2016
Changes to the Green Line maps have been made to aid clarity.

14th December 2016
The website is mostly complete.