The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1990-94

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. This period of five years is noticable for its, "business as usual" reporting.
Many of the old favourites are there when it comes to highlighting particular OPs.
It is also the time when there were significant changes to the countries providing UNFICYP with troops.

Approaching an isolated OP in Sector 1

New buildings were still being constructed.........the story of OP 18.

An unusual job for the UNFICYP helicopter flight.

A "day in the life of" story but interesting to note it makes no reference to its location.

A posed image of a UN night patrol

A UN flight helicopter lands at an isolated OP.

There are a number of articles about life in the Kokkina enclave.

A meeting in the mixed village of Pyla between community members and UNFICYP civilian police.

A Ferret scout car on patrol in Sector 3.

OP 12 continued to feature in several articles.

Danish OP 14 in Sector 1.

An article about the Australian civilian police.

Another posed image described as a patrol in Sector 3.

The camp is today called San Martin and is the HQ of the Argentine Forces.

Limnitis is to the east of Kato Pyrgos and near the location of today's border crossing point.

Two UN helicopters coming in to land at an unknown location.

The Larnaca UN camp closes.

An Australian civil policeman talks to coffee shop customers in Mammari.

Further articles about life in the Kokkina area.

Wolseley Barracks is behind the Ledra Palace Hotel and, at one time, the home of the Cyprus Army (pre-National Guard).

Sector 3 troops and their daily jobs.

An article that looks at the history of Canadian troops serving the UN.

The continuing process of replacements & improvements.

When the Canadian UN forces were withdrawn there had to be a reorganisation of responsibilities.

Argentine troops replaced Canadian forces in October 1993.

For the cover of this month's Blue Beret, serious news was obviously in short supply.

A self explanatory article.

French made APCs were supplied to the Argentine forces as it was felt that using British equipment would be a sensitive area.

The British led and equipped helicopter flight was replaced by Argentine personnel and equipment.

A history of the UNFICYP helicopter flight.

Details of the Argentine Air Force take-over.

The closure of St Michael's Primary School.

Athienou, now deep in the Buffer Zone, used to lie on the main Larnaca to Nicosia road as it passed through what was known as the "moonlands".