The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1995-99

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. Many images are posed but nevertheless dramatic.
There were further alterations of Buffer Zone responsibilities as new countries provided UNFICYP with troops.
There were dramatic events in August 1996, the likes of which had never been seen before, when the Buffer Zone was compromised by large numbers of protesters.

The UN camp in Louroujina (Akincilar) has been known by a number of names.

A UN patrol near Nicosia Airport (the UNPA) with the remains of the Tupolev (which ran off the runway in 1973) in the background.

Two helicopters approach OP12 in Sector 1, now manned and patrolled by Argentine UN forces.

Hungarian troops join the UN.

Another set of UN troops make their home in Athienou.

Female soldiers of the Argentinian contingent photographed outside their HQ at Camp San Martin.

Austrian and Hungarian UN soldiers line up along the Buffer Zone shortly before they took action during the August 1996 protests near Deryneia.

The Editorial which describes the events of August 1996.

An Argentine officer calls for assistance with a wounded British UN soldier during the August protests.

The flight crews of the UN Flight.

The final OP on the Buffer Zone, OP 146.

British UN troops indicate a minefield near the Grammar School an area where, in 1974, there was fierce fighting.

A UN helicopter showing its ability to carry large loads. 1000kg could be transported to OP1 at Kokkina and OP146 on the Famagusta coast.

A dramatic photograph showing a range of UN OP, troops, patrol vehicles and helicopter support.

Further details of the actions that took place after the 1996 protests.

Further training was undertaken to ensure that the UN was ready to meet such a challenge.

Further changes of UN personnel.

A brief history of countries supporting UNFICYP.

Hungary increased its support for the UN.

THe hidden dangers within the Buffer Zone.......this road is just behind Camp San Martin.

A close up of the damage caused to the digger by the mine.

A timely warning to all of the dangers still lurking in the Buffer Zone.

This section of the Buffer Zone is dramatic which large bunkers facing each other across a narrow Buffer Zone.

Mines were a danger in 1974 and were still a threat more than 20 years later.

This OP is just south of the narrow strip of SBA territory which connects Dhekelia and Ayios Nikolaos.

An interesting headline and article about OP146 which is the final OP on the Buffer Zone and the one that keeps watch on sea movements in the area.