The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 2005-09

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine which, during this period, was only published every two months.
News of changes in the make up of UNFICYP were reported and a significant number of articles concerned the clearance of mines from the Buffer Zone and nearby areas. The reduction in tensions allowed a number of visits to churches/monuments within the Buffer Zone. The period ended in tragedy when a member of the mine clearance team was killed.

Details of changes to the make up of UNFICYP.

One of the lesser known camps near the new Zodia crossing point.

The first of many articles about mines.

A little known OP actually inside the fenced area of Varosha.

It became easier for 'bona fide' pilgrims to visit locations within the Buffer Zone.

Another long serving national contingent leaves UNFICYP.

Further countries withdraw their troops from UNFICYP.

A detailed article about the UN Helicopter Flight.

Vehicles are replaced.

Another relaxation in the opening of the Pano Zodia crossing point close to Morphou.

Clearing mines from the battlefield close to the Grammar School (and the UNPA).

Further details of the mine clearance operation.

How the UN helicopters reach Cyprus.

The patrol track along the Buffer Zone needed frequent maintenance and improvements.

Dumping in the Buffer Zone was becoming a problem.......especially in the Peristerona area.

The problems of dumping...........not just restricted to the Buffer Zone.

A vist to Kokkina was allowed for Turkish Cypriots.

One of the blue tractor stories within the Buffer Zone. See.........Through Nicosia/Jeep Gate to Ledra Street.

In November 2006, a mine free Nicosia was declared.

Prior to the opening of Ledra Street there were many issues to resolve.

Another visit to a church within the Buffer Zone.

Road safety was a continuing problem for UNFICFYP.

A detailed but relevant article concerning mine clearance.

In 2009 work began on a new crossing point near Limnatis which allowed access to the Kato Pyrgos area.

The ever present danger of mines.