The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1968-69

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. The low image quality of these early pictures is due to the printing process of the 1960s.
The place names are as reported and may differ slightly from the official name.

A UN Catholic priest hears confession at a remote OP.

A Canadian and British UN soldier discuss farming matters with a local shepherd.

A light-hearted and self-explanatory picture of the gentler side of peacekeeping.

The Danish UN camp near the large Turkish Cypriot village of Louroujina with the Holy Cross church in the background. Lympia is off the LHS of this image.

Canadian journalists visit Saddle OP in the Kyrenia mountains.

Chief of the Defence Staff taking the salute with the Royal Hampshires at the Kophinou compound.

The Finnish UN were great users of bicycles.

The Recce Platoon of the Black Watch of Canada patrolling remote villages and rural areas.

An Irish UN driver looks at the scenery on his daily resupply route.

Soldiers on parade during a visit to OP2 in Kokkina area.

Canadian soldiers observing movements from their OP at a lime factory in the Kyrenia area.

Volunteers from 8 Sqn RCT renovating the 1904 steam locomotive at Famagusta.

Pupils from the school in Ayios Theodoros perform a dance for the British UN soldiers.

A closer image of the radio relay station (rebro) of 644 Signal Troop on a hilltop at Kato Lefkara. 

A local muleteer and his donkey "Mohamet" loading supplies to OP2 in the Kokkina area. This was the closest point to the OP where the UN could bring a vehicle.

"Mohamet" picks his way up the mountain path towards the OP.

Irish soldiers loading a trailer with daily supplies for OPs in the Limnitis/Kato Pyrgos area.

OP 156 in the Famagusta zone which was manned by Swedish troops.

A Canadian soldier at OP 'Pacquin's Hill" on the north slope of the Kyrenia mountains.

UN troops occupy an empty building for their OP.

Danish UN Ferrets navigate a rough road in the Athalassa area south of Nicosia.

A Danish Ferret squeezes through a narrow part of Athalassa.

Irish UN soldiers at OP1 near Pachyammos in the Kokkina area. Four soldiers live in this accommodation, a location which the newspaper reported as being "very popular".

Six UN military policemen line up in order of their insignia (the UK soldier is at the end of the queue).

Looking into the Irish UN camp at Limnitis from a nearby hill.

A UN jeep drives along the wet riverbed (possibly at Ayios Theodoros).

Officers from the Black Watch of Canada return to their helicopter following a visit to Hilltop OP.

UN Soldiers hand over their OP to a new commander.

This headline places the actions of the UN into a historical period.

A British UN soldier monitors movement over the road bridge at Skarinou.

The soldier who delivers ice to remote OPs discusses farming issues with a local Cypriot.

Although the resupply flights were considered good training for their crews, there was an enormous cost in providing three journeys every week.
Food, water, propane gas and post were on the long inventory.

A water truck at Camp Tjiklos to fill the enormous number of jerrycans destined for remote OPs.