The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1972-74

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. The low image quality of these early pictures is due to the printing process of the 1970s.
The occasional 'hi-res' images are the orignal photographs.
The place names are as reported and may differ slightly from the official name.

Extensive damage was done to Wolfe Camp on the outskirts of Larnaca by a freak hailstorm. It smashed 67 windows and flattened most of the plants that were replanted from Zygi.

An AUSCON soldier on duty at Mavroli, near Polis. There are 55 manned OPs in the 7 contingent areas.

Members of Lord Strathcona's Horse arrive in Cyprus to replace the Canadian "VanDoos".....the 22nd Regiment.

An Irish soldier in one of the substandard sentry boxes which are being replaced by new more comfortable boxes.

A soldier at OP 'Seafront'.

The Viking Camp at Xeros.

Ferrets of the "Shinners" or "Cherry Pickers" patrol the rough land north of Larnaca.

An inspection at one of the OPs along the Green LIne through central Nicosia.

The Danish substation at Ayios Theodorus, their crest over the mess and the substation at Dansborg near Xeros. (See Then_Now)

An Austrian soldier at OP 'Corner House' in Polis.

UN troops arrive at the camp in the isolated village of Selamani near Kato Pyrgos.

Scout cars passing the 15th Century church in Peristerona.

A view of the UN base at Stavrokono previously occupied by the Royal Irish Regiment (now FINNCON)

A Canadian UN soldier at OP 'Electra House' in Nicosia.

OP 'Loutros' in the Danish area (east of Kato Pyrgos).

Canadian troops make a bike patrol near Irish Bridge in Nicosia. Each daily patrol of over 8kms is made by NCOs while the soldiers man the fixed OPs along the route.

A continuous patrol along the Pedieos riverbed in Nicosia covers 7km and is carried out by one soldier during the day and two at night.

A Canadian 22er on top of an apartment block called 'Paphos II' has an excellent (but according to many soldiers, unchanging view of Nicosia).

Othello's Tower in the walled city of Famagusta.

A Swedish UN soldier checks the nationality of ships in the harbour from his OP on top of Othello's Tower in Famagusta.

A good image showing the living conditions of Swedish UN troops on the walls of Famagusta......this image is on top of Othello's Tower.

The Irish UN soldiers move out of Louroujina and handover responsibility to soldiers from 3 Para.

OP Skarinou is manned by a Sergeant and six privates who are part of the larger Kophinou base.

A Royal Irish Ranger tidies the regimental badge built into the hillside at OP 'Mandria' overlooking the Paphos-Limassol road.

Guests visit the Skarinou OP which is reached by a winding path cut into the hillside.

Major General Prem Chand, the Force Commander, at OP 'Bunker'.

Major General Prem Chand, the Force Commander, meets troops at the "crows nest" on top of Othello's Tower in Famagusta.

A wider view of the isolated OP at Mavroli near Polis (the Blue Beret describes the location as just outside Paphos).

A picture showing everyday life for Danish soldiers at OP 'Limekiln'.

The winning runner approaches the OP Sakarya in Famagusta.

A view of two Danish OPs......Limekiln and Ghaziveran......both along the northern coast close to the large Turkish village of Lefke.

The Danish OP 'Periscope' at Ambelikou (near Lefke).

Danish OP2 Kokkina West.

The newly built camp in Polis which has room for 86 soldiers. The first occupants will be soldiers of AUSCON in August 1973.

OP 'Mosquito' in the hills near Lefke. The magazine describes that the camp is not very comfortable or roomy but good for comradeship.

Troops of 'A' Squadron 16/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers cross the disputed bridge in Ayios Theodoros

A self explanatory good news article from the 22nd August 1973.

The beach referred to in the article and shown above is 'Five Mile Beach' which, less than one year later, was the location of the Turkish invasion.

The Dansborg outpost shown earlier was the site of the traditional 'Julebadning' festival (Christmas Bathing). (See Then_Now)

Danish civilian police patrol the Turkish section of Ayios Theodoros.

A view of the Danish OP at Loutros (close to Kato Pyrgos).

A fine colour image of the much photographed Danish OP at Loutros (close to Kato Pyrgos).

Traditional transport brings daily supplies to OP Loutros.

When the weather prevents helicopter resupply then these Finnish soldiers have to carry supplies of food, water and petrol to the OP Hilltop in the Kyrenia mountains.

Another view of 'Mustafa' the donkey carrying supplies to OPs in the Kokkina area.

Loading 'Mustafa' with supplies for OP Loutros.

'Mustafa' being rewarded for his labours with a slice of bread at OP Loutros.

Canadian troops on the daily patrol over the hills surrounding Louroujina.

Two Austrian UN soldiers use traditional transport for their village patrol.

A Whirlwind helicopter resupplies a difficult to reach OP in the Kokkina enclave. A new fridge was included in this trip.

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards passing Kantara Castle. Efforts were made by the UN to 'show the flag' in the more remote areas of Cyprus.