The Loss of Lancaster JA691

Ameise today

The main camp which accommodated the 3 Officers, 62 NCOs and 100 female personnel of Ameise is today built over by the Loddenhøj summer house colony.

The only original building to survive today is the Strandgårten Café. The part of the original camp, which held the T-hut with its radar plotting table, is now centred on the waterworks. This area, which was fenced off from the rest of the camp, is today indistinguishable from the rest of the colony. However, one or two of today's summer homes are built on original Ameise foundations.The white circle shows the position of one of the two giant Würzburg radar dishes. The second dish was located a short distance to the left just off the edge of the photograph.

The second radar dish stood on this spot. The radar had a range of 80km and from this location commanded a clear view of the area frequented by Allied planes approaching the east coast of Denmark. Without the exact position of the radar dish being known it would have been impossible to locate today.