The Loss of Lancaster JA691

The journey to the stone

Leave Aabenraa heading north on route 170, direction Haderslev.
After about 4 or 5km you approach the right turn to Løjt Kirkeby.

Turn right at the above junction and drive 2.4km towards the village. 

When you approach the centre of the village you will see this attractive church on your right hand side.  

Immediately after the church is another turn to the right. Take this right turn and follow the signs for the ferry.


After 600m you come to a left turn.

Take this left turn following the Barsø and ferry signs.  

After a further 650m the road forks to the left and right. Take the right hand fork with the ferry sign.

Drive down the narrow country lane. There are several attractive farm houses on either side of the road.

After 2.4km you will see the memorial stone on the left hand side of the road.