The Loss of Lancaster JA691

The RAF clerk's mistake

The Operation Records Book incorrectly indicates that Bob's crew flew in Lancaster LM308. This Lancaster was never with 49Sqn. In June 1943 when recorded as flying operations to Krefeld, it was actually flying with 1661 Conversion Unit.
Even the RAF clerks made the odd mistake!

It is almost certain that the aircraft flown by 49Sqn was Lancaster LM306. Following its service with 49Sqn, it may be interesting to note that LM306 finally met its end on the 18th March 1944 whilst flying with 44Sqn.

The comments of the pilot (Flt Lt Phillips who became a POW) are worth recording…………

"The first week I suffered from shock I guess as my chute did not open and the job of unpacking it in the dark whilst falling through the air did not leave my nerves unaffected……I am perfectly fit now."