The Loss of Lancaster JA691

About RAF Fiskerton

 RAF Fiskerton was one of a cluster of bomber airfields built within sight of Lincoln Cathedral. Building began in early 1942 and in November 1942 the first station personnel moved in.

49 Squadron at Fiskerton in April 1943.

In January 1943 the Lancasters of 49 Squadron moved here from nearby RAF Scampton.The airfield at Fiskerton lay between the villages of Fiskerton and Reepham five miles east of Lincoln. There were three runways, laid in an A-pattern, and three hangers. Living accommodation consisted of a large number of Nissen huts which were dispersed around the camp.

RAF Fiskerton was one of the first two airfields to be fitted with FIDO (Fog Investigation Dispersal Organisation).
It was extraordinarily expensive to use; the system consumed almost 100,000 gallons of petrol per hour and was used sparingly.
However, the intense heat burnt off the fog and was very effective in allowing aircraft to land safely. It was also extremely good for morale.

Testing FIDO in November 1943.

August 5th/6th 1943
Bob Slaughter's diary records that the facilities at RAF Fiskerton were regarded as fairly primitive. The picture shows the Sgts Mess where he lived as it appears today.

However, the village did have an excellent village pub and a nearby canal full of fish.

August 5th ….."Cloudy. Nothing doing in morning. Ground test in afternoon. Went fishing in the canal in evening and caught 4 little roach. Good fun."


Could this be the spot where Bob caught his roach ?
The buildings on the skyline are the Sgts' and Officers' Messes.

A path leads to the River Witham which was mistakenly described by Bob in his diary, as a canal.
Two narrow drainage ditches run alongside the River Witham which has been contained by raised banking.

August 6th…… "Cloudy. On lecture in morning. On NFT in afternoon. Ops cancelled at 7pm. Jim and I went to local, played darts all evening."

The Carpenters Arms in the village of Fiskerton. This was a popular haunt of the aircrew from RAF Fiskerton. It is only a short walk from the accommodation area.


June 18th 1943
On this day four new crews are posted to Fiskerton from the Lancaster Conversion Unit.
Bob Slaughter's crew is one of these.