The Loss of Lancaster JA691

The people now

In Autumn 1943 Meissner and Krinner were transferred from Schleswig/Jagel to Stade and then to Wittmundhafen. On June 1st 1944 they were posted to the Manching night flying school near Ingolstadt as a training crew.

After a flying accident and a short spell in a military hospital they returned to II/NJG3 which was now flying from Kastrup outside Copenhagen.

They finished the war with 21 victories (5 day and 16 night) all against four engined bombers.
Hans Meissner eventually became a career officer in the newly formed Bundeswehr but died of heart failure a few years later.

Josef Krinner returned to Germany where he studied dentistry. After many years of dental practice he retired in 1987.

Mr Alan Parr who is Bob Slaughter's nephew has provided much of the information in this booklet. All of Bob's personal belongings are now in his care.

The picture shows Alan holding the crew photograph with a copy of the painting "Target Peenemünde by Robert Taylor" behind him on the wall.