The Loss of Lancaster JA691

The Red Jug

On many occasions the members of II/NJG3 can enjoy a night away from operations. Near the airfield is the very cosy "Rothenkrug" which can easily be reached by telephone in case the crews need to return urgently.The Rothenkrug as it appears today is virtually unaltered from its 1943 appearance.

June 13th (Whit Sunday) 1943
Two Battle Groups of American B17s (94BG and 95BG) attack the harbour at Kiel. A third Battle Group (96BG) are on a diversionary raid. Damaged B17s would attempt to fly to neutral Sweden but their route took them close to Schleswig. Attacking heavily armed B17s was considered near suicide for the Nightfighters but chasing lonely stragglers gave them a fair chance as long as there were no Mustangs in the area. On this day the 6th Staffel of II/NJG3 were lucky and shot down two B17s. The American losses for the three Battle Groups were very heavy indeed. Of the 60 B17s that made the raid 22 were lost.

The next day was one of celebration and the entire staffel enjoyed a riotous drinking (and musical) session at a nearby Kneipe called the "Rothenkrug".
Josef Krinner, 4th from the right, has his jacket open and is indicated by a cross.

The photographs show the celebrations in progress and a present day comparison.