The Loss of Lancaster JA691

Peenemünde Today

In August 2022 I visited Peenemünde and spent three days exploring the area.

An A4 rocket lifts off from Test Stand VII.

The exact location today.

The water filled exhaust shutes used during engine tests.

The enormous F1 Assembly building in the Production Works area (Werk-Süd).........245mx120mx20m

Foundations of smaller buildings remain today.

Signs of large steel columns remain in  the ground.

The launch of a Wasserfall anti-aircraft rocket.

The same location today.

The edge of the sports field in the accommodation target area.

The same location today.

At a corner in the housing area (looking south).

The same location today.

The Power Station is now a major museum.

The liquid oxygen plant was never attacked. Nobody quite knows what to do with this structure.

The memorial at the Trassenheide workers camp.

The camp was hit due to an overshoot of the Housing Area targets.......the Master Bomber noticed the problem and corrected the aiming but much of the camp was destroyed.