Yorkshire's East Coast

Mappleton Beach

Mappleton was a village under threat from coastal erosion. In 1991 work was completed to protect a length of coastline near the village.

The faded plaque records that the coastal protection work was completed at Mappleton in September 1991

A stretch of the coastline close to the village has been protected using massive granite boulders.

Mappleton is one of the few locations where access to the beach is possible.

Erosion has brought to light dangers from a nearby disused RAF bombing range.

The protection boulders can be seen at the base of the unstable cliff line.

A WW2 'lozenge' style pillbox currently stands on the cliff tops to the north of the village.

The cliffs are outside the protected region and, in a number of years, the pillbox will drop onto the beach.

Note: There is a  small (and shrinking) "Viewing Point" carpark signed from the main road (on the sea side).
If this is full, there are extra spaces alongside the church on the opposite side of the main road.

The fenced area is where a large section of the carpark recently collapsed into the sea.

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Note the car parking space opposite the toilet block is still there in this photograph.