Yorkshire's East Coast

Hunmanby Gap

Prior to WW2, the beaches south of Filey and Bridlington were considered as potential landing grounds for a German invasion. Accordingly, the beaches were defended by a chain of strongpoints and individual pill-boxes.

Although the beaches were suitable for disembarking troops and equipment, exits from the beach into the hinterland were few and far between..........Hunmanby Gap was one of the few.

Wargaming scenarios have been written up as a novel where a German invasion takes place on the east coast of Yorkshire.
In the novel, Seelöwe Nord, author Andy Johnson describes the fighting around the Hunmanby Gap.
He bases much of his action around real defences and I was particularly keen to find the site of a '6 Pounder' positioned to cover the exit from the beach.

Thanks to Facebook and the amazing "Extended Defence of Britain Database" I was able to locate this position.

The actual Hunmanby Gap.

The gun mounting and the view down into the exit from the beach.

A short video exploring the position.

I decided to view the gun position on the beach from the attackers point of view.
One German verb for erosion is auswaschen (to wash out) and this perfectly describes the situation in this picture.
Soon, the deepening hollow will cause the cliff to collapse.

I was somewhat shocked to see the precarious nature of the gun position......especially as I had been jumping around trying to photograph the best view.

I would now strongly advise that a visit to this location takes place a few steps back from the actual position.
It is now only a matter of time before it crashes down onto the beach.


Up the beach, north, towards Filey there is a large bunker that has been washed onto the beach.

A few hundred metres further there is a second bunker cast onto the beach.

Both bunkers are accessible........the inside space was clean.