Yorkshire's East Coast

RAF Holmpton

The Bunker has had several uses over its life. It was fully operational in 1954 as an RAF Early Warning Radar Station (part of the ROTOR sytem) and operated until 1974.

A Decca Type 80 radar, used for Ground Controlled Interception purposes or for Early Warning Search.
It replaced the aged Chain Home equipment and represented a huge leap forward in technology.

Between 1974 and 1984 the site was used as a training facility for radar engineers. Restructuring changes in the RAF called for a new command and control centre for RAF Support Command; 1984 therefore saw the start of an £18 million refit of this location.

This massive refit saw the removal of all the old radar buildings and the complete refurbishment of the underground facility. Much of the internal layout was changed and a new ventilation systems was installed.

Ventilation shafts above the 35,000 square foot bunker, 75 feet below the fields.

The work was completed by 1989 and Holmpton went on to become the new National Wartime Command Centre for RAF Support Command.

At the end of the Cold War the site was converted into an experimental HQ for the new Airforce Command Control and Information System (UK Air CCIS System).

In 2014 the site was sold by the MOD to private owners and now contains an exhibition explaining its 60 years of service with the Royal Air Force.

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