The Forgotten Cemetery

Mathiatis and the Camp

In the first Ottoman census of 1831 only male inhabitants were noted and the population of Mathiatis is recorded as 54 Turkish Cypriots and 29 Greek Cypriots.

By 1891 the number of inhabitants (of both genders) was 140 Turkish Cypriot and 81 Greek Cypriot.

Sir Garnet Wolseley's wish to remove the village obviously didn't come to pass!

A comparison of a modern military map of the area and Lt Kitchener's 1882 Survey
By comparing certain features it is possible to locate the position of the Mathiatis Camp
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A new permanent camp was built at Polemidia, near Limassol and at the end of 1881 Mathiatis Cantonment was demolished.
Nothing remains to indicate the area was once a British Army Cantonment but the image below identifies its location.

The Kitchener map matched to a Google Earth image shows the location of the camp
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Note: The cemetery marked to the north of the Mathiatis Cantonment is either NOT the British cemetery referred to in this website or it has been incorrectly mapped a little too far south of its actual position.