The Three Surrenders

The Lüneburg Heath Memorials

Shortly after the event, a small oak plaque was erected on the spot. However, this was quickly stolen, replaced and defaced again.

In November 1945 the wooden plaque was later replaced by a much larger memorial (weighing 9 tons).

Details of the where the stone came from can be viewed by clicking this link (page opens in a new window)

Five Germans were employed to guard the memorial night and day. By the end of 1955 the annual cost of security was over DM100,000 and the guard was withdrawn. The following month, the bronze text was stolen and the stonework defaced. A new bronze panel was produced and the local Burgermeister was held responsible for its security. For three years the monument remained unguarded (and undamaged) but, in 1958, following a visit by Field Marshal Montgomery, the memorial was moved to the Sandhurst Military College.

Montgomery stands by the Lüneburg memorial now located at Sandhurst.

The memorial today (December 2015).

A view showing the memorial's prime location at Sandhurst.

The replacement bronze plaque which was recessed into the stone to make removal more difficult.

The two additional bronze plaques mounted to the front and rear of the memorial.

All the Sandhurst images were taken especially for this website. The author would like to thank the photographer for his contribution.

Commemorative inkwells, in the shape of the memorial, were produced as gifts for Monty's staff.

The text on the inkwell matches that of the original memorial.

These images are courtesy of Tom Hammond, whose grandfather, Brig N L Hammond CBE RE was in charge of engineer stores for 21 Army group.
His recommendation for his CBE was endorsed by Monty, January 1946.

The original location of the memorial......"Then & Now".
The dark patch between the trees in the centre of the photograph is where the memorial once stood.

B&W photographs: The Imperial War Museum.

You can download an excellent document "Die Kapitulation auf dem Timeloberg" from the German War Graves German.