The Three Surrenders

The Timeloberg area today

Today, the Timeloberg is inside a NATO training area. However, there is a memorial stone a few hundred metres from the actual location.

The memorial stone photographed during my visit in July 2016.

The stone is at the end of an unmarked earth road (as marked by the red circle).

An overview of the memorial stone's location.......approximately midway between Deutsch Evern and Wendisch Evern (as marked by the red circle).

The internet gives several very specific map references of the actual location of the Timeloberg but they are almost all completely wrong.

The exact summit is difficult to mark due to the dense tree coverage. However, it is easy to reach from the memorial stone.

A small stone 'Trig Point' marks the exact spot.

The author's wife stands on the Timeloberg (with her foot on the stone).
Note that the ground appears to slope away steeply to the LHS of the photograph.

This is due to the fact that a significant part of the Timeloberg has been used as a quarry to fill sand bags.
The summit is in the centre of the photograph.

The remains of a sandbag in the appeared that the digging of sand had stopped sometime ago.

To confirm the location, we checked the other map references that were given on the internet. 
This particular reference was in a hollow.

Interestingly, at another supposed Timeloberg location, we came across an old armoured vehicle.....again, not in a hilltop position.
This vehicle is a WW2 "Priest".......or more correctly, a 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7.
Whether this particular vehicle was British/Canadian or American is not known.

An American M7 Priest in 1944 in Carentan, France (image via The World of Tanks forum)