The History of Nicosia Airport

The Final Flight

The Secretary-General of the United Nations continued his efforts to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem.
On the 12th February 1977 there were talks between Dr Kurt Waldheim, Archbishop Makarios and Rauf Denktash.

Before leaving Cyprus, Kurt Waldheim held a press conference in front of the airport terminal to report on his talks with the two Cypriot leaders.
Following the conference, Dr Waldheim took off from the airport in a private executive jet. This was the first time the airport had been used (by fixed wing aircraft) since it became a United Nations Protected Area on the 23rd July 1974.

The press conference held at the airport and the UN official aircraft guarded by UN troops

This flight was not quite the final aircraft to leave the UNPA. The dubious honour for this is held by the second remaining Cyprus Airways Trident 5B-DAD. The first Trident to leave was Trident 5B-DAC. This was made airworthy by BA engineers and ferried to Heathrow in May 1977 and restored to its original British registration........G-AVFB. 
Before re-entering service a Certificate of Airworthiness inspection was required and a nest complete with eggs was found in the fin.

Cyprus Airways 5B-DAC in its restored BA livery.......currently in the Duxford Air Museum.
Cyprus Airways Trident 5B-DAD was taken out of service and broken up in May 1981

Today, the only flying from Nicosia Airport is by the UN Helicopter Flight.

Argentinian helicopters on service with the UN and based at Nicosia International Airport