The History of Nicosia Airport

Update Log

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5th June 2018
Information and images from Mike Campbell (son of the CO at RAF Nicosia in 1963) has added further details to the post independence period.
Investigations have also enabled the pre-independence period to be split into two parts:

10th July 2017
Via Sid Nanson and courtesy of No 84 Sqn RAF we have additional aerial views of the damaged Tupolev jet at Nicosia.........end of the page.

10th May 2017
Additional details about the use of Nicosia as a destination in the late 1930s.............end of the page.

29th April 2017
Courtesy of the Severis Foundation, additional images of the 1930 visit by the RAF have been published.

30th December 2016
The basic structure of the website has been created.