The Bielefeld Viaduct

The finishing touches

In 1983 the German Railway decided to dismantle the old steel Wermacht bridge which had been used for goods trains and replace it with a modern construction.

Work on the second concrete bridge begins

Work on the second concrete bridge begins.

The new goods train bridge would be a similar design to the new 1964 passenger bridge.

New pillars are built

In October 1984 the second new bridge was officially opened.

After almost 40 years the final obvious scars of the war had been removed. The arches visible on the right of the photograph belong to the original 1847 viaduct.

The work is completed

The stream under the viaduct (Johannisbach) was dammed in 1982 to flood the valley and create a 20 acre artificial lake for recreational use. This lake submerged many of the old craters and buried for all time any remaining unexploded bombs. The outline of several craters can still be seen on the other side of the viaduct.

Peace and tranquility return

Peace and tranquility return.