The Bielefeld Viaduct

The second stage

Following much discussion it was decided to build a reinforced concrete bridge alongside the 'temporary' steel construction being used by goods traffic. Before work could commence the area had to be cleared of unexploded bombs (see Bomb clearance for more details).

This picture is taken looking SW in the direction of Bielefeld and shows the goods train bridge on the right.
It is interesting to note that the right hand bridge was the 1914 construction and the planned passenger bridge connects the surviving piers from the original 1847 viaduct.

Explaining the new proposals

Explaining the new proposals.

Work on the passenger bridge began in 1962. The wartime debris was removed and damaged pillars from the old viaduct were pulled down.
The new bridge was to be 160m long and supported by three new pillars. The picture below shows the early stages of the construction on the 'eastern' side of the steel bridge.

The passenger bridge was opened on June 3rd 1964 and the red and white band was cut by the Oberbürgermeister (Town Mayor).
The "Gummibahn" was then closed and all traces were removed.

The opening ceremony of the new passenger bridge

The opening ceremony of the new passenger bridge.

This sight of two bridges, one old and one new, remained for many years. Although the steel bridge was intended as an emergency and temporary solution it stayed in place for 37 years.

From the air it can be seen that only 13 of the original 28 arches now remain.
This picture (from 1973) was taken facing east with the expanding town of Schildesche in the foreground.
The area on the lower left of the picture is now a lake.

The area on the lower left of the picture is now a lake