The Bielefeld Viaduct

The second viaduct

The initial viaduct was a single bridge with a twin track and by 1900 nearly 200 trains were crossing the viaduct each day.

In 1914 the railway authorities began the construction of a second parallel viaduct.

The building of the second viaduct

The job was given to Firma Odorico from Dresden.

With German engineers fighting at the front use was made of Russian and Italian labourers. Later in the construction prisoners of war were used.

The photograh shows a steam powered ram used to drive wooden piles deep into the marshy ground. The second bridge was built on the Schildeshe side of the original viaduct.

The second viaduct was on the Schildesche side

The second viaduct was completed in 1917 and was used exclusively for goods trains (Die Güterzugbrücke). The existing bridge was reserved for passenger trains (Der Personenzugbrücke).

A viaduct is a thing of  beauty