The History of Nicosia Airport

August 14th-16th

The map of the area is repeated here to help understand the nature of the fighting around in the UNPA.

On the 14th August the heavily reinforced Turkish forces began advances to the west (Lefke and Morphou) and to the east (Famagusta).
The airport was not directly in the line of fire but the fierce battle that was fought for the nearby Grammar School was of great concern to the camps within the UNPA area.

The battle for the Grammar School area lasted three days......the pictures show defending forces and the results of a Turkish airstrike

Several of the National Guard's defensive positions were close to the UNPA and retaliatory Turkish artillery and mortar fire fell into several of the UN camps.....Kykko Camp, Gleneagles Camp, Camp UNFICYP and Blue Beret Camp. In total, twenty five members of the UN (British & Finn) were wounded.

During the three day battle, 25 artillery or mortar rounds fell into the Finnish Contingent Camp KYKKO.....the medical centre and workshops were destroyed and twelve Finns were wounded

The battle for the Grammar School was particularly violent as observed by Canadian UN troops who were positioned overlooking the combat area on the roof of the airport terminal.

Text taken from the Canadian website:
"The picture was taken on the roof of the airport terminal around October of 1974 when Mr Waldheim was being given a tour of the area where a battle took place in front of the 1 Airborne Battery positions. The actual battle took place from 14 to 16 August of 1974 between a battle group of the Turkish Army and the Greek Cypriot fighters........those who saw the battle will never forget it"

On the 16th August 1974 Turkey declared a ceasefire which was to come into effect at 18:00hrs.
Where the belligerents stood following the ceasefire, as recorded by UNFICYP, are the northern and southern limits of today's Buffer Zone.
(The Green Line...The Events of 1974)