The Baedeker Raid on York

The death of F/O Ievers (No:15 BDS)

F/O Eyre Osbourne Ievers was killed at RAF Clifton on the morning of the 29th April while carrying out a reconnaissance of two unexploded bombs (today located somewhere between Shipton Road and Green Lane). 
F/O Ievers was the CO of No:15 BDS (Bomb Disposal Squadron) based at Ulleskelf, a village near RAF Church Fenton.

As he approached the holes made by the two bombs they exploded, one after the other.
F/O Ievers had extensive injuries to both legs and died on the way to hospital.

He is buried at 
Kirkby Wharfe (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard Extension, near Tadcaster.

Full details of the story can be read on the Memories of RAF Church Fenton website.