The Baedeker Raid on York

The Casualties........a summary

As a result of the air-raid a total of 116 people were killed or died of injuries sustained.

This figure is broken down as:

  • 110 British fatalities
  • 6 German Luftwaffe fatalities

The 110 British deaths are broken down as:

  • 83 householders (including two casualties who died much later)
  • 15 military personnel
  • 4 members of the ARP
  • 6 members of the Firewatch 
  • 1 member of the National Fire Service
  • 1 member of St John's Ambulance


The 15 military personnel are broken down as:

  • 7 personnel at RAF Clifton
  • 1 member of the RAF Bomb Disposal Squad
  • 1 member of the ATS
  • 6 members of the Armed Forces who were assisting with Civil Defence


In addition to those killed there were over two hundred people injured (to varying degrees) plus an unknown number suffering from shock.

Six Luftwaffe aircrew were captured, several with severe injuries.