Germany - The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Images of the Inner German Border

I include a small number of personal images from my trips to the Inner German Border shortly after the events of 1989.

By this time, a large amount of fencing and hopefully all the mines had been removed.
However, it was still a very strange experience to wander freely in an area that would have been impossible only a few months earlier.

Family holidays to remember.........exploring the IGB (probably summer 1991)

Climbing the stairs to the top of the watchtower.

On the roof looking at a factory in the former East Germany.

The searchlight was a little difficult to liberate.

Looking from another watchtower over a freshly ploughed field that would have been the death strip,

A section of the IGB close to an East German village.

A gap in the wall that was opened on the 10th November 1989 to allow access to the nearby East German village.

A 'new' road crosses the line of the old border.

The anti vehicle traps are still visible under the growing grass


The border running through a forest area with much of the infrastucture still in place.

A long stretch of the border viewed from the ditch.......east is to the RHS.

An East German border light 'liberated' by the author.......with a low wattage bulb now illuminating his shed!

Nature was quickly hiding the scars of the border.

There was obviously a use for the concrete posts as very few remained.