The Loss of Lancaster JA691

Schleswig/Jagel today

The airfield at Jagel is today the biggest and busiest Luftwaffe base. However, much of its wartime past is still very visible. Unfortunately, the Kommandantur was recently demolished and the site used for a large concrete command centre.

The hangers, which housed the Me110 nightfighters, remain today. Their disguise as farm buildings is still convincing. These ex-hangers, connected by the weed infested taxiway, are today used as storerooms.


The two drawings below show the "farmhouse disguise" hanger in use with a Me110 inside.

Today, the fully sliding doors have been reduced in size but the bricked up area shows the original dimensions.

Most amazingly, in the town of Schleswig, the low brick wall where the pilots of II/NJG3 would sit wearing their dark glasses whilst waiting for the transport to the airfield, still remains.
Very few passers-by realised the significance of this photograph of local historian Alex Herz.