The DDR - Revisited

The Brocken

If you are lucky you can park just before the station (Drei Annen Hohne - marked on the map)

The walking trail often follows close to the rail track.

The train to the Brocken summit was pulled by steam.....a major attraction.

The mountain summit soaks up the crowds as each train empties.

The TV tower is flanked by a hotel and a visitor's centre.

The view from the visitor's centre

The Brocken was once a highly secret Soviet/DDR listening station and a prohibited area.

A similar US facility at the Wurmberg listened to the Soviets.

In August 1994 the US tower was demolished.

For those with more time (and energy) there are several walking routes to the summit.

On our way down (pulled by diesel) you could see the terrible state of the forest.....decimated by the bark beetle.