The DDR - Revisited

Haus der Offiziere

Wünsdorf-Zossen had been connected to the German Army long since 1910.
Almost all German soldiers past through this location at some point in their training.

German officers posing in front of the Heeressportschule (Army Sports School) at Truppenlager-Zossen

The same building today where the hexagonal building has been demolished and replaced by a statue of Lenin.

At the rear of the building known as the Haus der Offiziere is a Soviet style building which housed a diorama.
This was photographed from within the main house as photographing this building from outside is not (for some unkown reason) permitted.

The guide gives you time to explore the multiple floors and corridors.

Broken office windows and Soviet era wall decoration.

The large swimming pool from WW2 and Soviet times.

The impressively large theatre in the complex.

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