The DDR - Revisited

Prüfstand XI

These test stands were converted by the Soviet/DDR forces into ammunition storage areas.

The V2s from a production factory would have been engine tested here. Although all the required equipment was installed, this never really happened as it was felt to be unnecessary.

The test stand before and after the raid on the 18th July 1944.

The entrance to the ammunition dump (former test stand).

The associated barracks buildings.

The outer ring contains several storage chambers.

All useful electrical components have been removed. Bunker 8 is one of the few to still have doors.

An ammunition bunker set into the outer ring of the test stand.

Inside one of the bunkers, looking out.

In mid-1944, as the Nordhausen facility neared completion all the manufacturing plant was brought from Peenemünde and reassembled by hand by the prisoners at Mittelwerk.