The DDR - Revisited


An aerial view of Colditz castle.

The PoW's courtyard.

The same location (with a window marked).

In 1990 we were told that the window would never be repaired.....but, unfortunately, it has.
Our early guide told us that the window had been broken by Douglas Bader whilst playing cricket.

Stephi, our guide, showed us escape locations.

The start of the French tunnel.

The end of the French tunnel.

Some of the items found whilst exploring the various tunnels within the castle.

The impressive theatre......popular with the PoWs.

One of the many productions put on for fellow PoWs and German guests.

One the escape routes out of the theatre area.

A German soldier reinacts various escape attempts.

A replica of the replica of the famous Colditz Cock.

The one and only image taken of the original glider by Lee Carson Reeves, a female reporter.

The replica flew from the castle roof.

A short video showing the first part of the flight.

The video telling the whole story.......the flight begins at 1:12:35

The large Colditz porcelain factory.

In 1990 the ballroom was being used as a supermarket.

The factory was demolished in 2001.

The area of the factory today.

Little is written about the extremely unpleasant concentration camp which provied labour for war material production at the HASAG (Hugo Schneider AktienGesellschaft) plant within the porcelain factory.

The location of the factory.

Colditz railway station where new PoWs would arrive before marching up to the castle.

The lines are there but no trains run today.

The location of the railway station on the edge of Colditz.