The DDR - Revisited

Rüterberg Republic

The following images are taken in the area of the red spot.
The village of Rüterberg was 'trapped' between the two fences of the Inner German Border.
Access to the village was very restricted......virtually impossible for strangers and through a single gate for residents.
The gate had strict opening hours........6am to 10pm.

The car is parked in front of an access road to the river where the patrol boats were moored.

The access road to the boats.

The gate is now a memorial but, in DDR times, it would have been positioned by the river access track (in front of my car).

Hans Rasenberger had the idea of creating a free town with the power to establish their own laws.
The "Republic" was proclaimed by an assembly of 90 citizens on 8 November 1989.
The DDR authorities were never able to react!!