The DDR - Revisited

Freilandmuseum Behrungen

This is an excellent open-air museum where the defences have been left 'in-situ' so the full scale of the border can be experienced.

The view from the West German side with the distant eastern fence indicated.

The view from the eastern fence with the previous location indicated.
Ordinary DDR citizens would never be able to get so close without raising suspicion.

A bunker is placed with an overall view of the border area.

The view from the bunker with the western border line indicated.

Anti-vehicle traps and ditch remain in place.

On the eastern side there is a display of the dog-runs and warning signal apparatus.

Lights and an audible warning would show the guards the location where the fence had been touched.

A sign saying that in March 2001 a ten year old boy found an intact PPM2 landmine at this spot.