Yorkshire's East Coast


Seaside Lane next to the old Coastguard Cottages.

This 1910 map shows the bend in the road and Coastguard Station.

Looking north up Seaside Lane in the early 2000s......the taller building is the Coastguard Station.

A similar view in 2013 (image courtesy of the Urban Rim website).

September 2021, looking south from the Coastguard cottages.

Even on a relatively calm day, the spray is coloured brown with the washed out clay.

On a stormy day you can image the sea taking large bites out of the cliffs with every wave........this was a calm day.

There are two other interesting locations in the Tunstall area.......the ends of Hogsea Lane and Pasture Lane.

The end of Hogsea Lane with the usual barriers.

A similar scene with the cliffs being eroded with every wave.

Pasture Lane leads north from Tunstall and used to connect with Hogsea Lane.

There is a stretch of the overgrown Pasture Lane still remaining.

The lane comes to a dramatic end with the view of a short section of tarmac clinging to the cliff face.

This map from 1900 shows that the connection between Hilston and Tunstall is now lost to the sea.


With every wave, even on a calm day, the sea continues to erode the cliffs.