The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1990-94

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. This period of five years is noticable for its, "business as usual" reporting.
Many of the old favourites are there when it comes to highlighting particular OPs.
It is also the time when there were significant changes to the countries providing UNFICYP with troops.

Finnish soldiers patrol a steep and rugged section of the Kyrenia mountain range.

Outside Zygi, Turkish Cypriot children dance watched by a cavalry patrol.

Local Zygi fisherman chat with an Irish UN patrol.

A young UN soldier from the 3rd Battalion Light Infantry at an OP at Stavrokono.

Swedish soldiers enjoy some freetime sunbathing at their OP.

The OP behind the support camp at Anadhiou. To reach this remote OP involves a drive of several miles over rough track.

Canadian UN troops patrol the remote villages on the Kyrenia mountains.

Panhard armoured vehicles of the Irish UN, patrol the Lefke area from their Xeros base.

Remote OPs in the Kyrenia range are resupplied by helicopters of the UNFICYP Aviation Flight.

An Irish and Canadian UN soldier at the Paphos Gate OP in central Nicosia.

An obstacle race competition organised by FINCON provided some light relief.

A Danish soldier in Louroujina on a final patrol before being replaced by other UN forces.

Although captioned as the UN OP next to the mosque in Louroujina, following a visit I believe it is the Church of the Holy Cross on the hilltop between the village and Lympia.

The Danish camp in Louroujina with the "moonlands" in the background.

One of the last convoys to be led by Canadian troops leaves Kyrenia for Nicosia.

Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion Light Infantry at an OP on Mandria Hill, close to Paphos.

Finnish soldiers take over responsibility for the Kyrenia convoys.

Major General Prem Chand visits Swedish UN soldiers at OP 101 Chatos on the Nicosia to Bogaz road.

The isolated OP2 accommodation in the Kokkina enclave.

UN soldiers and visitors look out over Lefke.

A 'good news' story involving Swedish UN soldiers.

An Irish UN soldier observes from the 'Crown Hill' OP, 200ft above the LImassol - Nicosia Road. 

Irish UN soldiers at "Bunker Hill" overlooking Kophinou.

Another Swedish 'good news' story.

The CO's inspection of troops at the Kophinou compound.

An Irish soldier monitors movement along the road leading to Ayios Theodhoros.

Danish soldiers pack up their camp at Xeros.

A self explanatory article.

An RMP soldier on detachment from BAOR controls traffic at the site of a landslide which blocked the Kyrenia-Nicosia road.

A large section of hillside that was threatening the safety of the road is removed using explosives.

Fort Anadhiou occupied by soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment.

Hilltop OP in the Kyrenia mountains was home to one NCO and four soldiers.

One of the original 1880 'Kitcher Huts' at Polemedhia burns with the fire picquet of the Royal Irish Rangers attempting to dampen the flames.

The Swedish Battalion organised a race through the streets of Famagusta.

'A' Troop The Royal Hussars driving through a village in the Karpas peninsular.