The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 2010-14

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine which, during this period, continued to be published every two months.
There were a great number of articles describing new personnel to UNFICYP and others describing familiar roles. 
Information about each serving nation was a frequent subject. However, major events affecting the Buffer Zone, such as new border crossings, were fully reported.

An article typical of the period.

Introducing personnel of a particular country, in this case, the Ukraine.

The helicopter flight was always a source of interesting news.

An image published possibly because of its merit as a quality photograph.

The day in the life of an Irish Civilian Policewomen takes her into the wilds of Sector 1.

The new crossing is announced.

Photographs showing the progress being made.

The crowds gather for the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony.......the two central figures are the Turkish & Greek Cypriot leaders.

News of the progress in mine clearance continued to be published.

One of a large number of articles that "looked back in time" to earlier periods of UNFICYP.

Visiting the camps of the Hungarian contingent.

Slovak troops celebrate 10 years as part of UNFICYP.