The Green Line in Cyprus

Economic and Personal Restrictions

There was a continuing economic blockade of the Turkish Cypriot community and many essential items were severely rationed and in short supply. In October 1964 a modified list of materials declared to be 'strategic' and therefore witheld from the Turkish Cypriot community was given to the UN.....S/6102 Annex2 Page 6

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In their December report (S/6102 Annex III pages 8-10) the UN reported that freedom of movement for Turkish Cypriots was being restricted by their own leadership and not by the Greeks.

A glaring example of this was in Limassol where conditions had long been normal. However, the Turkish leadership had recently issued an order restricting contact between the two communities.

"Turkish Cypriots not in possession of a permit are prohibited to enter the Greek Cypriot sector".

There followed a lengthy list of fines and punishments.

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All throughout this period there was the constant threat of a Turkish invasion which added to the already tense atmosphere.
Note: An invasion would have been extremely difficult as, at that time, the Turkish military only had a small number of paratroops and didn't have any landing craft.